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September 29, 2019

The Abdullah Law Firm is pleased to announce that Donald Styer, III, has joined the firm as a legal intern to support our clients.   Mr. Styer is currently a law student enrolled at the Seattle University School of Law.



March 3, 2019

The Abdullah Law Firm is moving to a new location today.  While we hoped to stay at our old location for many years, the old buiding will be demolished to make way for a larger building and residential space.  We are excited that we have found a new location that has more dedicated long-term parking reserved for our clients.   


October 3, 2018

Trial News - As Petitioner is continuing to call witnesses for 10/3/2018, we do not anticipate any of Respondent's witnesses will be called to testify on Wednesday, October 3rd. 


If you are a witness scheduled to testify for this trial, please call or email our office with any questions. 



January 2, 2018

The Abdullah Law Firm received this review today regarding our "Exceptional Representation" of a recent client:  


Ms. Abdullah is nothing short of fantastic! She and her staff were thorough, detailed and offered exemplary service on my recent custody case. I have hired attorneys in the past and even those I would consider to be good leave plenty of room for critique and improvement. Ms. Abdullah really goes above and beyond. I would place her in the category of rare professionals who really care about their clients and can execute at the highest levels of performance.  -MA


October 13, 2017

The Abdullah Law Firm welcomes our new Legal Intern, Rebecca Rogstad, to our team.  Ms. Rogstad recently graduated from Lewis & Clark Law School.




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