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 Great Attorney - December 22, 2022


5 stars- I’ve got the best result possible in my Hague convention case & custody! I’m very happy to have my child back to USA, the process was smooth throughout the whole case using Abdullah’s law firm, they were always on top of everything, very communicative, always there for any question/concern & very transparent. During the court sessions Yasmeen was very confident, accurate & ready for all the judge questions. Yasmeen is very knowledgeable & familiar in the family laws, Hague & civil rights areas. As far as the cost is very decent & reasonable. I’ve had 3-4 consultations done else where until I discovered Yasmeen was the one, i felt she was the most familiar with the law, she was explaining a lot and I had a positive feeling from the beginning. I highly recommend Yasmeen’s office and very thankful for getting everything to my favor more than expected. Lots of support was offered. Happy holidays and keep up the great work guys!! ~AG


LOOK NO FURTHER SHE IS THE BEST LAWYER! - February 15, 20225 stars - Yasmeen was my literal life saver, I had been going through a brutal separation with my husband for years and as a single mother with no job nor income it was so difficult to find decent representation. lots of lawyers who I had consulted never gave me the reassurance I needed and asked for way too much money upfront. I tried to represent my self for most of it until Yasmeen was recommended by multiple people I decided to give the firm a call and instantly within minutes of the first consultation I knew I found " the one". She was so understanding and calm and had mentioned things that never even crossed my mind. I hired Yasmeen instantly and it was the best decision for my family. She fought for me with so much passion and knew her laws inside out she was ready for every argument with backups and a plan B just in case, she is very attentive into detail and brutally organized and the most important she is a very honest and truthful person. I finally felt that relief that this woman was fighting just as hard as I was for myself if not harder. We won the case beautifully and I got much more that I even had sought out and I am FOREVER grateful for her and her wonderful team. If you are in need of a lawyer I HIGHLY recommend Yasmeen and her team over at the Abdullah Law firm, such amazing people that actually care for you and will fight for you.  ~AN


Lawyer of the greatest integrity, knowledge, and compassion - February 9, 2022 5 starsWhen I was in an emotionally abusive relationship with a toxic person whom I was afraid of, I didn’t know how to get out or where to start. I reached out to Yasmeen who has extensive experiences in situations like mine. She understood what I was going through, and I felt immediate connection with her so I hired her to handle my case. She helped me how to communicate with my ex who was extremely manipulative. Throughout the process, she and her team were attentive and answered all my questions promptly. I was emotionally drained and scared of my ex, but Yasmeen gave me courage to keep going what I wanted to do for me and my child. When we were preparing the parenting plan and child support, she was straightforward, transparent, and concise so I understood what was going on every step. I felt that she was not just a lawyer to me, but also an emotional support. My partner and my relationship as parents are slowly but getting better because we are trying to keep our child’s best interest in our minds. She truly cared about me and my child. If you are looking for a lawyer who is knowledgeable, fair, and compassionate, contact Yasmeen.  ~ SK


Great divorce lawyer - June 14, 2021  5 stars

"I had a fantastic experience with Yasmeen as my divorce lawyer. She and her team worked efficiently and timely, and were very responsive when I had follow-up questions. Yasmeen helped me achieve my goal of having a smooth, surprisingly uncontentious divorce process. I highly recommend her."  ~ AN


Best Lawyer in Washington. A+ Team - February 23, 2021

"Look no further. I had searched high and low, and picked Abdullah Law Firm based on my needs and her reviews. (I was dealing with Divorce, Domestic Violence & Custody; Family Law) Ms. Abdullah and her team far exceeded my exceptions. Not only did I win but the Judge made a direct statement to me saying " You have a very good lawyer." I couldn't agree more. She is very good at what she does. The Judge's rulings were all in my favor and without the help from Ms. Abdullah I wouldn't have known what to do, what I could ask for/or I was entitled to. The team made everything much easier for me with paperwork and document filings with the courts. I highly recommend this law firm. You'll be happy you did."  ~A


Professional and Efficient Services - June 28,2020

"Yasmeen was thorough and professional, and provided comprehensive answers to my questions. Although I hired her for unbundled services with limited representation, she was available to answer questions about documentation and legal issues promptly, and responded quickly to changes in the court procedures due to COVID-19."  ~N


Wonderful, informed, charming and strong force to have on your side - October 29, 2019

"Yasmeen helped me get what I was looking for, how I was trying to achieve it, while looking over for my current needs, future desires and vulnerabilities.. I enjoyed working with Yasmeen and appreciated Erin's help during the process."  -AN


Best attorney ever! - June 8, 2019

"I was involved in a high conflict family law/custody case for several years and I hired Yasmeen after my first attorney did nothing to defend me or keep my kids in a safe situation. I had an immediate sense of trust and relief when I met her, something I did not have with any of the other attorneys I consulted. Yasmeen took over my case with grace and skill and immediately found several things my original attorney had dropped the ball on. She was able to overcome my ex's nasty and aggressive attorney in a tactful, courteous manner. Yasmeen is very professional, knows the law very well, and knows how to effectively communicate and advocate for your needs and concerns. Her strategies at handling situations are well thought out and extremely effective. She is very detailed, on top of deadlines, communicates well with opposing attorneys, and allows you to be as involved as you want to be with your case. Yasmeen understands that family law cases are very emotional and draining and she is amazing at navigating your needs in the midst of a legal crisis. Yasmeen genuinely wants to help people and she truly cares about your situation and well being. She will tell you if what you want to do is worth your time and money, a rare quality in attorneys these days. Every bit of legal advice she gave me was spot on. Every.single.time. I can not say enough good things about her, or her amazing assistant Erin. Erin has a calmness about her and she knows exactly what to do to help you, and Yasmeen. These two ladies are the best team ever and are true heroes to me. Because of the hard work of these two ladies I had a very favorable outcome to my case. I will never waste my time with another attorney ever again. I will definitely use Yasmeen if I have any future legal needs. Thank you Yasmeen!!!"

Exceptional Representation - January 2, 2018


"Ms. Abdullah is nothing short of fantastic! She and her staff were thorough, detailed and offered exemplary service on my recent custody case. I have hired attorneys in the past and even those I would consider to be good leave plenty of room for critique and improvement. Ms. Abdullah really goes above and beyond. I would place her in the category of rare professionals who really care about their clients and can execute at the highest levels of performance."  -MA


Helping Clients Everyday - November 3, 2017

"Helped rebuild a destroyed life...I ended up in a situation that I never believed was possible for me to be in. I was facing a very angry wife and her very angry family all wishing to destroy me personally and financially. She hired an expensive lawyer from a top divorce firm and filed a bogus domestic violence order against me which she leveraged to limit my time with my children to only (3) supervised visits for 4-6 hours each over a three month span. The temporary orders requested by her lawyer allowed me only 4 hours of supervised visitation every two weeks going forward and asked the world financially,

Realizing that I was completely incapable of facing this alone I found Yasmeen through a referral and upon meeting with her knew that she was going to be the strong offensive defense I needed to try to turn it around.

Yasmeen was able to get the domestic violence order completely dropped and for the temporary orders got me (3) weekends a months and an overnight mid-week every week. She also negotiated a reasonable amount of child support and zero spousal support for the duration of the temporary orders."  - A.N.


A Review From Another Satisfied Client - July 27, 2017:

"I hired Yasmeen to deal with a divorce case. She was very understanding and very patient as I am not so fluent in English. If i I had any questions her assistant would email me back within 48 hours. She handled the case very well and understood from where I was coming from. Overall, very good lawyer at a very good price. She is really helpful if you are a low income family or individual."  -A.N.


A Review From One Of Our Youngest Clients January 3, 2017:

"When my rights were violated by people whose job was to protect me, my entire world fell to pieces. I suffered in silence for two years. On the verge of becoming an adult, I decided I wanted justice for what had happened to me. I called several well-known and respected law firms in the area. Not one returned my calls. When I was on the verge of giving up, I received a call back from Abdullah Law Firm and Yasmeen agreed to a meeting. Within the first two meetings, I knew I was in good hands. A calming, yet secure presence, Yasmeen worked closely with me to ensure that I was taken care of, treated courteously, and above all, let me know I deserved recognition for the wrongs committed against me. From that point on, a partnership and strong bond was formed for the next three years.

The legal process can be grueling. It can be traumatic and deeply unsettling. The mere conjuring of past traumas is enough to make many victims have second thoughts about filing a lawsuit. Yasmeen knows this. Here, she is more than an attorney; she is someone who cares very much about her clients. The amount of trust that she engenders by her integrity and behavior is valuable above all else. But while she is sweet, she is no pushover. Abdullah’s knowledge of the law is superb. She misses nothing. With her, no aspect of my case or life was overlooked, and dots I could not connect she connected effortlessly. She puts the pieces together. This is important. It was almost eerie how well she knew my case; almost as if she’d herself been there with me throughout my journey. Yasmeen is a fighter. She’ll fight for you. Without Abdullah Law Firm, I would still be wandering in the darkness searching for answers. If you wanted compensation, closure, or both, call Abdullah Law Firm."

A Client Testimonial From December 8, 2016:

"I was looking for a lawyer to help me with my divorce. Just the thought of the divorce gave me anxiety as I didn't know what papers needed to be filed or when. I found Yasmeen through the bar association referral. I was impressed upon our first meeting. She seemed very knowledgeable and I decided to hire her. I am so thankful I did. Not only does she know what she is doing and is highly competent, but her and her assistant Erin are helpful, always there if I have a question and made me feel like it was all ok. I counld do this and be confident in my lawyer. I cannot say enough great things and I recommend her to everyone. I feel like she has my back and has my best interest in mind. My divorce will be done in a week and I couldn't be happier."


​2016 Avvo Client Choice Award


Our Client Testimonial From June 9, 2016:

"Ms. Abdullah has been the most caring, empathetic and diligent attorney I have ever come across. My case was extremely complicated. I was not familiar with the court system or procedures. Ms. Abdullah put my fears to rest from the very beginning. She kept me and my case focused and on track.

Over the course of our time together, I felt that she did everything in her power to keep my costs as minimal as possible while helping me maintain and restore some of my lost rights my rights as a father. She directed me when it a was appropriate to move forward with legal action and when it was appropriate to let things go and not take focus away from my relationship with my son.

Unfortunately I have had to retain her on more than one occasion. However, she is always the attorney that I call and cannot imagine ever using anyone else for my case. She retains past hearings and uses appropriate information from them for current cases as needed.

I cannot give her enough praise. Her diligence and professionalism are outstanding. She is confident in court and knows the laws inside and out. I highly recommend her, especially if you have a difficult case that needs a thorough and detailed attorney."

​Our Client Testimonial From February 22, 2016:

"Ms. Abdullah is an incredibly knowledgeable and sharp lawyer. She is well-established in the area and familiar with the local legal community. Her advice is solid and she is an amazingly hard-working advocate. In court, she is formidable, yet reasoned.

I found Ms. Abdullah after my prior lawyer did nothing but drain me financially. Ms. Abdullah has reasonable rates and payment plans. She is very aware of her clients' financial situations and tries her best to keep costs down. Despite this, I did not feel like I had a budget lawyer. She is one of the best.

I wish I could state more personal details about the case here, but I can just say that we had a very favorable outcome and that she will be representing me in the opposing counsel's appeal.

My main piece of advice to anyone out there with domestic violence playing any part in their case, is to hire a lawyer who specializes in dv cases. Don't hire just any family law practitioner. And then be strong and know you're doing the right thing."

Our Client Review From February 18, 2016:

"Yasmeen won a personal injury case for my fathers estate. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable and great to work with during a difficult time in my family's lives. Truly grateful for her dedication to our case and care for my fathers legacy!"


We Strive To Exceed Our Clients' Expectations.  Here is a client review from 2016:


"Yasmeen was amazing. Throughout the process, I felt like she was completely and totally committed to me and that she was, at every juncture, doing what was best for me and for my children. Additionally, her paperwork was thorough, on time, and easy to understand. And, her communication with me was superb. I expect to hire Yasmeen again in the future and would not think of having another attorney represent me."




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